Who Am I?

Hello, thank you for visiting

My name is Colin, I am a priest in the Church of England and the Rector of seven parishes in South Somerset, England, just outside Yeovil.  I came to the Diocese of Bath and Wells from Peterborough in 2016 where I was ordained in 2008.

Before my ordination I was a Finance Manager in central government and its quangos.

My theological interests revolve around the spirituality of place (churches, monasteries and other holy sites); how we can use the arts, particularly poetry, in our spiritual journey; the ministry of Healing and Wholeness within the church; and how the church can adapt to love and serve a changing world.

I am a Benedictine Oblate, trying to live out the spirit of the Rule of St Benedict in the world rather than the cloister, so prayer and worship, both public and private form a significant part of what I do.

Aside from the Christian faith, or perhaps it is more appropriate to say within it, I love the mountains, the sea and rivers.  I walk the hills using my T4 VW camper called Florence as a base.  I am cared for by my two labradors and have part shares (with my wife) in a Border Terrier.  I would like to be thought of as a poet, but it is probably better to say that is aspirational.

All views on here are my own, but I hope they help in your own journey of faith.

Every Blessing


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